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History of England in the Six Nations tournament

The Six Nations Championship, often simply referred to as the Six Nations, is an annual rugby union tournament that features some of Europe's most formidable national teams: England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales. The tournament has a rich and storied history, with each nation bringing its unique rugby culture, traditions, and rivalries to the field. In this extended article, we will delve into the history of England's involvement in the Six Nations, exploring their successes, challenges, and notable moments.

Early Years and Formation of the Championship

The Six Nations Championship, originally known as the Home Nations Championship, has its roots in the late 19th century. The tournament was first contested in 1883, involving England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. It was a round-robin competition, and the team with the best record at the end of the matches would be crowned the champion. During these early years, England established itself as one of the dominant teams in the tournament, winning several titles.

The Early Dominance of England

In the early 20th century, England continued to be a force in the Home Nations Championship. The tournament was often a battle between England and Wales, with both nations enjoying periods of success. England secured their first Grand Slam (winning all their matches) in 1913, and they would go on to claim several more Grand Slams in the years that followed.

Interruption due to World Wars

The Home Nations Championship was interrupted by both World War I and World War II. These global conflicts led to the suspension of the tournament for several years. When rugby resumed after World War II, England faced a rebuilding process, but they soon reestablished themselves as a strong contender in the championship. If you're interested in attending a Six Nations match, you can find Six Nations tickets in our inventory.


The history of England in the Six Nations Championship is one of tradition, rivalry, and achievement. From the early dominance of the Home Nations era to their continued success in the Six Nations, England's rugby journey has been marked by memorable moments and enduring rivalries. As the tournament continues to evolve, England remains a key contender, and their passionate fans eagerly await each year's competition, hoping for more moments of glory on the rugby field.

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